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Based in the heart of Copenhagen, we are putting the fun back into mobile gaming.

Solitaire Grove

Solitaire Grove

Welcome to Solitaire Grove!

Check in to Solitaire Grove to discover relaxing solitaire tripeak card games. Cruise through tons of relaxing and challenging levels of solitaire tripeak with lots of fun twists.

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Featured: Flop Ball Jump

As featured in GamesKeys:

Bounce, bounce, bounce! “How high can you get?”, asks this homage to Donkey Kong, Wonderboy and other arcade games of yore, not to mention futurity’s classics, among which you might count titles such as Doodle Jump, and other games.

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Featured: Flop Ball Jump
What We Do

What We Do

Dytbaat is a mobile game studio started by three experts from the game industry. Based in the heart of Copenhagen, we are on a mission to create beautiful and relaxing games that bring enjoyment to a variety of audiences.

Meet Our Team

  • A data scientist with over 15 years of experience, Brett delivers the analysis and insights from your data that you were starting to think you would never get, and in a way you can understand and act upon. Once you understand what is happening now, Brett also helps you take the next step: starting to use your data to forecast and predict outcomes such as cashflows and customer lifetime values.

    Brett Romero
  • Working in the indie and non-indie games industry for 10 years, Jens specializes in player engagement, game UX and data-driven design. Always looking to unravel the mysteries of player behavior through data analysis, common sense and the occasional application of behavioral economics. Jens also has a solid technical background including extensive experience with C# and SQL.

    Jens Lauridsen
  • Our marketing and user acquisition specialist, Asger specializes in working with game developers to grow their user base by ensuring your ads get put in front of the right type of people. With experience working with everything from broad Facebook and Google Ad campaigns to complex programmatic approaches, Asger is your first stop if your growth to date has not met your expectations.

    Asger Sørensen

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